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"Chris jumped mid-way into a big, messy, and rather complex video project and turned it around 180 degrees. What you get with Chris is not just a video editor, but a writer-thinker-creator-storyteller extraordinaire, who will wrestle with your project until it is perfect. I have not worked with anybody that goes to such efforts to understand who you are, what you want,  and then figure how to best tell that story. In summary: talented, generous, honest, and a true pro."

~ Florencia Prada


"As an editor, Chris is original, bold, nuanced, and a perfectionist. He crafts stories in sound and image with clarity, depth and emotional impact. As a person, he is also wise and generous. I feel honored to collaborate with him."

~ Naomi Ture

Director, A Perfect Donor

"Chris's passion is boundless and his perceptions keen. He's one of those odd characters for whom film editing comes naturally, a rare combination of tech savant and creative artist."

~ Gene Corr

Writer, Director,"Waldo Salt"

Academy Award Nominee

"We'd just lost our editor in the middle of a time-sensitive project. EditingArts was a godsend. Chris jumped right in despite the tight deadline and a learning curve for our video niche. This man has the soul of a poet and the eye of an artist. Our project absolutely glowed when he was finished. Our client was thrilled, we were thrilled, and we can't wait to work with EditingArts again."

~ Kelli Standish

Pulsepoint Design

"EditingArts provided extensive support for my latest music video project.  Chris did an outstanding job with color correction, enhancing definition in the images and creating visual continuity throughout.  He delivered  high quality professional work at a reasonable rate."

~ Neil Raphael


"... please tell your editor that he is awesome. Only an artist could do what he does with such genius... I'm absolutely stunned by what he gave to this..."

~ BJ Hoff

Author, American Anthem

"Chris has helped me create some of my favorite work. I am continually impressed with his creativity and problem solving skills. His deep knowledge of Final Cut makes him a great asset on any video or film project."

~ Jeff Tse


"EditingArts helped us put together the best promotional video possible from the limited footage we had. It's easy to see that Chris cares greatly about the quality of his work."

~ Jody Greenberg

The Refugees

"Chris brings a strong sense of story, a fresh and enthusiastic approach, and technical expertise to the editing process. It's a pleasure to work with him."

~ Jennifer Chinlund

Film Editor ("Discovering Dominga")

"Chris is fast, intuitive and whip-smart. His head and heart are equally strong. Working together is always fun."

~ Cort Worthington

Illuminata Films

"Everything from Final Cut training, to consulting on hardware and software acquisition and tech support, EditingArts has been instrumental in helping us expand from photography to video. Chris is my go-to guy for all my video needs."

~ John Lund

"The Stock Photo Guy"

"His tasteful touches and attention to detail took our demo from good to great. Chris has a knack for matching message and style to a target audience. Thanks for treating our project as if it were your own."

~ Sean Sullivan

Today College Tours

"Chris is a professional and a pleasure to work with. He knows how to listen, has an eye for storytelling, and will make a difference for anyone who needs a pro in their editing bay."

~ Scott Morrow

Webstream Studios

"I have used Chris as both an editor on projects and as a teacher. He has been first rate in both roles, always exceeding my expectations by making my material better than I had hoped it could be."

~ Greg Sherwood


"EditingArts is collaborative, meets every deadline, and always takes our work to the next level. We couldn't ask for more."

~Robert Fujioka Studios




"EditingArts helped us put together the best promotional video possible from the limited footage we had. It's easy to see that Chris cares greatly about the quality of his work."

~ Jody Greenberg

The Refugees

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